Lavender’s unique fragrance comes from the combination of over 180 different chemical constituents in its essential oil; a scent that is not duplicated by any other plant. As an industry, lavender oil ranks in the top five essential oils produced every year.

Today, lavender is not only popular as a beautiful garden plant, but is also used around the home to induce sleep, ease stress and relieve depression. It can be consumed as a tea, made into a compress for dressing wounds and burns, added to home-made beauty products or applied to the forehead to relieve sinus congestion, headaches, hangovers, tiredness, tension and exhaustion. It nurtures and attracts bees to gardens, is a hardy perennial and make great border plant.

Lavender has been a staple of herbal lore for centuries – knowledge which has now been confirmed by modern medicine. Lavender constituents have proven effective against hyperactivity, insomnia, bacteria, fungus, microbial activity on gums, airborne molds, and even against staph germs (when mixed with other oils). The oil can be inhaled (via steaming), applied directly to the skin or added to bath water.

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